Westmoreland Builders


If you are looking for a reliable general contractor who doesn't cut corners and delivers what's promised, Westmoreland Builders is, without a doubt, your go to at Roll-A-Shade.
Ric Berg
Vice President, Business Development Manager-National Accounts at Roll-A-Shade
Working within a tight schedule in an operating facility, Westmoreland’s professional staff of Randall Ford, Kenny Johnson and Jim Baker coordinated material and equipment deliveries, worked hand in hand with our Operations, provided daily progress reports, kept our building clean after each night shift, maintained the highest safety protocols and finished the overhead welding ahead of schedule at Staples.
Kenneth Pargett
Senior Construction Project Manager at Staples
They are one of those “One in One Hundred” finds as a contractor that checks all the boxes of what I need in a contractor
Jerry Kesselring
VP of Construction & Facilities + Consultant